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First of all, music is my life. I think I am one of the only people in the world who doesn't own an ipod. Oh right, except that girl who decided to live in a tree for the rest of her life. But thanks to my fabulous friend Kym I am the proud owner of a shuffle. I think I would die without it actually. Anyway to fund my CD purchasing habit, I work at Pequot Yacht Club. If anyone has ever been there I'm the weirdo in the back scrubing dishes, while rocking out to one of those CDs I mentioned before. So if you're ever there feel free to join in the rocking out. In addition to world's most kick ass dish scruber and waitress extrodanair I'm the head of the AFS club at Fairfield Warde. My other passion in life is travel...but not those cheesy twelve hour family road trips where everyone sings She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain and you play the license plate game. I do all of my traveling by myself,(except for AFS exchanges) and i wouldn't have it any other way. Mostly I travel internationally - I've been to Finland,(too many times to even count) Sweden, England and Germany. I am currently planning a backpacking trip (which had been in the works since I was in 5th grade) to Europe which will hopefully happen in the next few years, Hopefully I can do this once I've moved to Finland which is sheduled to happen next year. But who knows, life doesn't really foloow a shedule. And I am the master of making RAMEN.(The kind in a pot, not a cup!)

My possible career choices include (but are not limited to...)
*Interior Design
*CNN International Correspondent
*Parking Meter Fairy (someone who puts money in other people's parking meters)
*Hot Topic Employee
*rock jouraist
*fashion designer
*subway entertainer
*Raman restaurant owner