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3rd June 2007

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: Forgive me for my life is all too ironic....
So funny story...

A friend and I were walking to get coffee and we were talking about how we'd both burst into flames if we entered a church or something of the sort. Then we joked about a child turning into the devil and i cracked few jokes about The Omen. well.....

Guess who was walking about 6 feets away from us?? Thats right a priest. A fucking priest! lol, well if i have a soul and if there is such a thing as heaven or an after life, one thing is very true I'm royally fucked. Mocking the devil in front a priest, lol wow my life is never ever boring. 

PS Everyone has to see my new hair, its amazing!
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So Ashley can't go to Finland. I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't upset. But hey thats life. It just sucks because I was so excited about it and I had already done a lot of planning. But after thinking about it, I've decided that I'm going to go anyway. Whoo! Hhoo! Finland here I come. My trip is going to be different then I had planned, but it will still be a great summer. I can't beleive I was going to give up the chance to go back home for the summer just because Ashley couldn't come with me. I'm still trying to find someone to go with me, but A) Nobody's parents will let them go and B) Anyone that can go will probably have trouble getting the money together on such short notice. But if anybody is interested in comming I can take one other person with me.

I'm still planning on spending time with my family, and hopefully my German cousin will be in Finland which would make the trip awesome. But we'll see how it goes, for now I'm going to enjoy a summer to adventure and relaxing in Finland.

Oh yeah and expect to hear from me on a lot because I'm going to a miss everyone :(  But leaving for a while was something I really needed to do. Before I just really wanted to go, but after talking to Kym I realized that leaving for a while is going to do me a world of good. Even if it doesn't, this is a great chance to look at schools in Finland. Its nice to have something big like this to look forward to again.

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: Well I'm sufficiently pissed off. The show that I've been talking about for like ever is now sold out. My friend never got back to me to give me the go ahead to buy the tickets and they sold out. Its not her fauly though, I should have gotten the tickets earlier, but I'm still really bummed. Well I guess that this means that I just have to do something equally awesome sunday night to make up for not going. i'm sure i'll think of something.
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: I got a prom dress, and you didn't!
Well I got a prom dress! Over the weekend in addition to going ice skating (which by yhe way was really fun but I suck so bad at it) and sleep over Kym's (which is always fun) I went to the mall with Carrie, her Mom and Jay. I ended up buying the first dress that i tired on. It was the perfect size, perfect color and the perfect price. I won't give away the details, but I really like it. It was Carrie who spotted it and said it was cool. Now all I need a date. To be quite honest when the two are compaired finding a dress was the easier part. :( Oh well, there is always the option of becomming a lonely old woman with lots of cats and just skipping prom. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, I need to get rejected first.

And I'm really really excited because I might be going a show for The 69 Eyes, Craddle of Filth and 3 Inches of Blood on Sunday. It would be really fun if I could go, I haven't been to a show in so long.
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: Life update
Had dinner at la casa de Kym last night. It was pretty fun. Mexican, yummy yummy. Then I almost piddled myself/caughed up a lung laughing while watching Action Packers.

Today i woke up at like 7 b/c I had to go babysit. I made about 70 bucks, I think I'll put it towards my Finland trip. I'm babysitting tomorrow from like 7am-2pm. (yes you read it right 7AM!!!!) Then chillin with people.

Thats about all.

xoxox Tiina
Current Mood: cold
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: A little Femminism on this Valentine's day
So I bet you're all expecting one of my "oh woah is me!" bitch rants since it valentines day and all. I've decided not to bitch about v-day, considering that most of my friends are couples and like valentines day. So Instead I'm going to take this oppertunity to inform anyone who bothers to read this thing anymore about what is going on in the world.

While women in western society enjoy simple things like, oh lets say the same rights as men under the law, being allowed to wear what we want, and being allowed to fight back if we're being sexually asulted. Sadly enough violence and mistreatment of women in our world is far from gone. As we go about our daily lives, millions of women suffer simply because their governements haven't steped out of the primitive mindset that men are better than women.

For instance in Iraq last March a 14 yr old girl was gang raped and murdered. Then her parents and her sister were found shot in their home town. It months for the story to even get out. Now 5 US soldiers are on trial for the crime. (It took almost a year before anything was done about it!)

In Australia a Muslim preacher said that women who didn't wear their headscarves were responsible for any kind of sexual assult. He was quoted as saying women who don't cover up present themselves as "un-covered meat" that attracts acts. Then one of Sydney's largest mosques added that if women wore hijabs and stayed home there wouldn't be a problem. I don't know about you, but I think it is every woman's right to wear what she wants. If a woman wants to wear a hijab then she should, but for such a highly repescted person to preach this is ridiculous.

In India every 75 minutes a woman is killed. Much of thos those deaths are caused by burning. Yes you read right, women in India are burned to death often by their husbands for not having a big enough dowery. A crime commited by a husband or the family member of husband is recorded every 9 minutes.

In Guatemala 2,500 women have been murdered since 2001. And apprently only 14 cases have been resolved.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said into a mic that he thought was turned off "He raped 10 women...We all envy him". This was in referance to disiplinary actions that were taken against Isreali Justic Haim Ramon.

In Nepal a case of women being abused for being suspected witches took place recently.(The details are a bit to graphic to have to explain, but lets say it was cruel and unjust)

In Ghana elderly women and widows are thought to be witches. Many are exiled or escape to witch camps for fear of being stoned or lynched.

Makes you wonder doesn't it?
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: Friday Night
I had Carrie, Jay and Kym over last night. It was fun. We ended up getting into a friendly debate about femminism and Men vs. Women and some how Gay guys got thrown into the convo too. I kinda felt bad because Jay was out numbered.  So we just talked and hung out nothing special but it was fun. 

Kym slept over and we tried to watch Empire records but neither of us could concentrate we were both being really ADD. So we listened to music and talked. It was a relaxing evening and it was nice to catch up with Kym b/c i don't see her that much. 

Today I cleaned and watched the teli. So tomorrow I'm having breakfast with our tennents and then hopefully hanging out with Ashley. Well I've g2g, happy weekend!
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: Courtney icon just for Kym

Today was fun. School went by really fast and Kym cam over. We just talked and listened to music the entire time she was here. But it went by really fast. It was nice to just be able to sit and talk for a while and Kym is always fun. (kym in case you read this, THIS IS A SHOUT OUT TO KYM aka ONE OF THE COOLEST PEEPS ALIVE!) So yeah thats pretty much it. 

Well that and its my sister's birthday today. I gave her a gift and decorated the kitchen with b-day stuff and made her a mini ice cream cake and all she was "oh wow, cool. Thanks dude." At least she said thanks this year. And tomorrow I get to spend an entire day in NYC with the familia, oh joy. Well maybe there will be cool shoopping? I will make it fun.

PS    KYM you rock!!
PPS Kym showed me how to magically put CDs on to the dread machine (aka my labtop that i don't know how to use) One minute its on the CD in hand and then the next its on my itunes. Fucking amazing!!!!

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: Not to be morbid but...

...I've been thinking a lot about death lately. I just finished watching the first season of Dead Like Me. Dispite its name it actually has a pretty positive outlook on the universe. I've never really thought about death, I guess I just really don't care. Well I mean I care, but I figure a human life isn't that long, so why waste the time you have worrying about what happens after it ends? Enough talk about death, I'm starting to sound like a goth.

On a lighter note I'm sufficiently pissed off that every single picture that I try to load onto my myspace or facebook doesn't work. I just got a pic that I really love from one of my friends and I wanted to change it to my profile pic on myspace. But NO! Myspace had to go be a bitch and not load it up.

And it looks like my Dad is going to be traveling for about a month straight. He has to go to Finland, then directly from their to Cali, from their to Dallas from their back to Cali and from their to Seattle. And considering that I see my sister for about 5-10 minutes every couple of days it looks like I'm going to be living on my own for month. It should be pretty sweet. I'll stock up on ramen and beeferoni. Well g2g massive headache. toodles.

Current Mood: contemplative
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: ok so everyone likes to do their little question thingys but I wanted to make my own. so here you go...

If YOU....
1) could change your name what would it be?

2) had your first day at a new school where nobody knew you, what do you wear?

3) If you could have a super power what would it be?

4)could go back in time where would you want to go?

5) could live in a movie what movie would it be?

6) were stranded on an island what would you miss the most?

7) could have coffee if a famous dead person (Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, ect.) who would be?

8) If you could ask that person one thing what would it be?

9) If you had to get a tatoo what would it be of?

10) Are you still afraid of closet monster, evil knomes, the boogyman, etc?


1) What pet did you always want as a child but never got?

2) What is your earliest childhood memory?

3) Have you ever wished you would be an animal or an innanimate object? if so what?

4) Who was your favorite teacher?

5) What do you miss the most about childhood?

6) What was your first adult question you asked about life? (where do babies come from? why is the sky blue?)

7) Who was your childhood hero?

8) What did you want to be when you grew up?

9) What day of your childhood would you want to relive the most?


!) if you could have one band play a private concert at your houseparty what band would it be?

2) You're having one of the best days of your life, what song is playing in the background?

3) its one of the saddest days of your life what song is playing in the background?

4) you can party like a rockstar for one night, what rock star would you be?

!) You're standing in JFK you can go anywhere in the world, where do you do?

2) If you had to spend eternity limbo-ing or doing the chicken dance which do you pick?

3) If your skin could be a rainbow color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet) what would it be?

4) Which are cooler: pirates, ninjas, faires or ballerinas?

5)  Would you rather be a surfer in Cali or musician in new york?

6) If you won a billion dollars what would you do with it?

7) Have you ever wanted to go to space? 

8) Who is your favorite disney cartoon character?

9) Bungy jumping or sky diving?

10) Eating worms or swimming in a pit full of snakes?

11) You're having a dinner party, who would be the 12 famous ppl you'd invites? (alive or dead)

there you go, i was really bored, fill it out if you're as bored as i am. don't worry i'll fill one out too!!! -xoxox Tiina
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: Well my lack of food problem for this evening was solved. Lisa look me to the bar where our friend Terrance works for dinner. We hung out with him and ate. And Lisa seems to be on relatively non-hostile terms. We're having Terracne and his boyfriend Greg over for diiner on Wednesday. 

So I'm watching TV in the background and i think I saw one of the dumbest comercials ever. Ok so it was a bunch of Chinese school children and they had communist armbands. And so the plot in this comercial was that these two kida liked each other and they both put this hair product in their hair then get together. Seriously as far as dumb comercials go this one was a winner. How dumb is the American public? I cringe at the though of an entire generation of communist hair gel-wearing media saturated robots running things. Well think on that for a whille friends. Nighty Night.
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: Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Thats right another year of my life has gone by. Well like I said in my Myspace post, 16 was a pretty good year. And as far as changes go this year was the one that I changed the most. I can barely remember the person I was last year on my Birthday. This year I've met so many amazing people. I've gotten the chance to so do much in just a year. I'm thankful for everything and everyone around me. This year my birthday isn't really about turning 17, its about thinking ahead to the future. Afterall I'm almost eighteen (now there is a scary thought). We're all growing up and soon we'll all be leaving Fairfield and starting our own exciting lives far away from here. It just makes me want to make the most of the time I have left. Lol wow that sounds like I'm dieing. I just mean we have a year and a half left of high school and I plan on making it most of it. So kudos to everyone that made 16 being awesome and got me through the darker times. Lets hope we'll all be partying together next year when I turn 18!!!

xoxox Tiina

"A diplomat is a man who remembers a woman's birthday but never her age" -Robert Frost

"Neither fire, nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds" -Buddah

"There was a star danced and under it, I was born." William Shakespeare

"Adults are just osolete children and to Helll with them!" Dr.Seuss

(more birthday quotes to come)

Current Mood: accomplished
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: I had a pretty good day. Other than the freaky looks I got from wearing my freaky goth boots. But hey what do you expect when you wear anything that isn't Hollister or Ugg boots? The day went by surprisingly quickly. 

Went to get coffee after school with Matt. Got caffinated, then came home and cleaned like crazy. Thats about it.
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: OK so I'm not crazy but parties are supposed to be fun right? I had fun at the beginning of the week getting ready. And making my dress was ok too. but these past few days, omg I've been so stressed out. Worrying about pizza delivery times and snacks and candy, and ppl asking me about this that and whatever. I've hosted partied before, but my Mom was always there to help me with boring stuff like cleaning and grocery shopping. Luckily I have most of that done. Its just weird not having a least a little help. Its all on me to get everything done. 

I know that once the party starts I'll have an awesome time, the prep stuff is stressing me out. It fun think about my awesome dress and seeing everyone, but right now I'm stressing. 

OMG!! I haven't even thought about a cake!!!! Holy shit, how can I forget a cake for my own birthday?! Again one of those things that my mom always look care of. OMG OMG OMG! I'm going to go have a heart attack now!
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: Ok so here is the complete list so far of what everyone is being...

Katrina Van Tassle (Carrie)
Ichabod Krane (Jay)

Violet (Jordan)

Edward Scissorhands (Iain)
Kim (Amanda)

Jack (Jpal)
Sally (kate)
Zero (Alainah)

Emily the Corpse Bride (Tiina!!!)

Lydia (Amie)

Catwoman (Emily)

People Still in Need of characters and an RSVP:

Characters that are still left:
Oogie Boogie
The Mayor
The Vampires
The Witches
The Clown
Sax Player
Undersea Gal
Man Under the Stairs

Corpse Bride:
Bone Jangles
Victor Van Dort
Nell Van Dort
William Van Dort
Victoria Everglot
Maudeline Everglot
Finis Everglot
Barkas Bittern
Pastor Galswels
The Black widow spider
mrs Plum
General Bonesparte
The Maggot

Big Fish:
Edward Bloom
Will Bloom
Sandra Templeton/Bloom
Ping + Ting
Norther Winslow
Karl the Giant
The Ring Master

Ed Wood:
Ed Wood
Bela Lagosi
Dolores Fuller
the octopus

Vicki Vale
Alexander Knox
Comissioner James Gordon
Harvey Dent
Alfred Pennyworth
Alicia Grissom

Charlie and the Choclate Factory:
Willy Wonka
Charlie Bucket
Grandpa Joe
Mr + Mrs Bucket
Veruca Salt
Mike Teavee
Augustus Gloop
Oompa Loompa(s)

Edward Scissorhands:
The inventor
and all other characters except Edward and Kim)

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: Characters that are Taken

Characters that have been taken for my partayy!

Katrina VanTassel
Ichabod Krane

Lydia from Beetle Juice 


The Corpse Bride

Cat Woman

Edward Scissorhands

Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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: Hear Yee! Hear Yee!!!

Anyone who wants to buy, lend or donate a Tim Burton movie poster to me and my party will be rewarded with a giant hug and some cake. I have a couple Edward Scissorhands and a Corpse Bride one, and thats about it.

Anybody willing to help a sista out?

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: I had a really good day. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, it was just really good. I guess because nothing really went wrong. It was a nice day, kinda chilly though, and I had nice walk to school in the morning. My classes went by quickly and I didn't get a lot of homework. I've been kinda bored since I've been home, but whatever. Maybe the fact that my birthday is in 17 days has a lil something to do with it. Oh well, who cares, good day and thats the point.

PS anyone going to Canda must have their forms and $62 deposite by tomorrow! Last chance to go to Canada!!!
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: This just in....

07/20/08 The White Stripes Boston, MA
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So I've been looking into going to to a show. I found some stuff that might interest some of you. Check it out if you want. 

Irving (NYC)

03/ 08/07   Anti-Flag 
03/04/07  Craddle of Filth, The 69 Eyes, and # Inches of Blood (this is the show I wanna go to!!!!!!)
03/26/07 Take Action Tour-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Emery, A Staic Lullaby, Kaddisfly, Scary Kids Screaming Kids
04/22 Brand New

Nokida (NYC)
03/ 09/07 Relient K 

I'll let you guys know if I find anything else!

xoxox Tiina

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Christmas passed by pretty fast. I got a couple of small gifts and did a lot of cooking and cleaning. I baisically cooked the entire christmas dinner. 

Christmas break has been so busy. I've spent the past few days has been non stop hanging out with people. Amanda slept over last night and helped me do some cleaning. It was pretty fun for cleaning. 

I have work in the morning. 10-3pm oh joy. Well as long as my boss, whom i fondly refer to as Satan's abandoned spawn, isn't working then the day should go by pretty quick. At least I can wear my new belt from hot topic and freak out the club members, lol. I need some way to entertain myself don't I?

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: So today was a really fun day. Newport was cool and the houses were really pretty. I didn't shop at all, I wasn't in the mood. But I did buy a really cool "VOTES FOR WOMEN" pin. I'm just worried that people will think I'm playing for the other team, instead of just a femminist.

Now to the interesting part of the day...
I'm pretty sure that he likes me. I wasn't exactly sure what I thought of all of it, but hes really cool and really nice. And he was pretty flirty all day, I guess I kinda was too. But, we'll see how things go. I'm not getting my hopes up about anything. So yeah nothing too interesting.

Now I need sleep. And tomorrow I'm giving everyone their xmas gifts, I'm so excited I love gift giving. :)
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: I'm feeling kinda sick, but I went to the KOBIS dinner anyway. It was fun I guess. But I have such a bad head ache. Oh well tomorrow should be sweet and then I just have to get through Friday and then vaction time. Break is going to kick ass. I need to get out of school. Time for sleep. My brain hurts.
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: Never again. Day one starts today.
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: fuck this shit
Why does he always like everyone else but me? Why am I the last fucking person on everyone's list? And still I'm that chick who everyone is like well shes an ugo, but shes kinda nice so maybe. I'm so sick of always being picked last. I wear if one more person says "oh be pacient" or my all time favorite, "there is someone out ther for you" I'm honestly going to scream. Honestly if I'm not butt ugly like ppl seem to say, and I'm relativly smart and nice why is it that every other person alive is with someone except me. I'm tired of it. I hate being the one looser that just tags along with ppl. I so sick of it. I should just face it, there is no one out there for me. And there is a good chance that there never will be. So I should just get used to the idea of being alone for a good long while.

What can be so wrong with me that I've been completely alone all through high school? Would someone just fucking grow a pair and tell me what is wrong with me?!!! I mean I don't care if I get hurt, but just tell me what is so wrong with me that NOBODY likes me! Whatever, nvm.
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