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and the hits just keep on comming...

just when i thought that things couldn't get anymore i got a nice visit from my uncle (mom's brother). After insulting me, talking down to me and insulting and accusing my Dad right in my own driveway i politely and calmly informed him that the conversation was over. How dare he insult my Dad! The man that took care of me and my sister when we needed it the most. The man was who throughout my enitre life has never left my side. No matter how stupid I've been no matter how dumb he has always been there- offering advice and guidence. He has always been there. Even when we weren't close he has always made me and Lisa a priority. How dare my uncle come to my hosue and try tosway my thinking. 

i can't say that i've been happy lately. I've actually been kind of cut off from everything, numb. but this little surprise visit didn't help things. Some of the people around me are so toxic. I feel like they're slowly killing me. Them and my negative mentality. Seriously when did i get to be such a Debbie Downer. Whatever, my uncle is a bitch and drama is pouring into my life. i guess thats all.

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