tiina16 (tiina16) wrote,

Good News...

I'm currently a license holding resident of CT!!!!

I passed my test on tuesday but quite honestly that really didn't mean anything to me until I had physically had my license in my hands. But now I can officially and legally drive!!!! I'm so excited. My dad has to do my insurence stuff and then I will be able to drive myself around. This is going to make my life so much easier. Its been so hard without it. And I know everyone always says that they don't mind driving me, but still I know my friends go pretty far out of their way to give me rides. *cough* Kym, Emily, Mrs. Ferrante, Mrs.Bender, Iain, James, my sister and lots of other ppl *cough*

Now that I can drive I finally take care of my doctor's appointments, maybe get a second job which i kinda of need. I've had so much stress over this and i'm so excited that its finally over. I can just feel the weight lifting off of my shoulders...

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