tiina16 (tiina16) wrote,

My Small Crazy Finnish Family...

Last night was such a fun night. I wasn't feeling so well so I rested a lot of the afternoon. But then for dinner, me, my Dad, my Dad's sister Ulla and my fake aunt and uncle Irene and Heikki had dinner. We just have a simple but yummy pasta dinner in the dinning room. It was really fun and my Dad put on some music and it turned out to be one of my records, Cat Stevens. LOL I was so surprised that he had put it on, I asked him if he actually LIKED it. Then he and my Ulla started saying how everyone listened to Cat Stevens in Germany when they lived in Munich. We all started singing along and laughing. It was odd but fun. It was really nice to spend time with them just chatting and laughing. Long story short it was just a night of laughing and catching up. 

Oh and Irene dyed my roots for my and trimmed my hair.

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