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Fun little evening activity for us senoirs to have fun with....

Ok so I had an idea. (Never a good thing, lol) I want to have a Fairfield scavenger hunt. Like get maybe 12-15 of our friends to be on about 4-5 teams for just a random scavenger hunt. The only rules will be do whatever you can to win and don't get arrested! LOL. But seriously I think it'd be super fun. Depending on how much people were into it and how good of a hunt it is. We'd need people to drive I'll be a team's driver but the hunt would have to be about 2-3 weeks from now when I get my license. But let me know if anyone would be into it and if anyone would be a team's driver and stuff and I'll plan the entire thing!!!! I want it to be crazy and random but don't worry nothing too insane lol. Let me know if I should plan something before it gets too cold to do anything atall.


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