tiina16 (tiina16) wrote,

Post High School Planning

Well I talked to my Dad and apparently I might have to graduate from high school here in America next year and then move to Finland (by myself of course) get an appartment and go through another year of high school because in Finland kids graduate from high school when they're about 19 instead of 18. And anyway most kids take a semester to a year to work and apply for college because it is really competative. So I might have to repeat senoir year in Finland just to settle myself in and maybe get a better graps of the language. I can speak fine its just the writting that is the problem. Although most universities in big cities offer classes in english. 

Or, there is always plan B which also involves moving to back to the old country. I move to Finland get a job and an apartment and just live there for a year, support myself, get a better graps of the language become evern more fluent and then apply for college. SO pretty much i have no fucking idea what i want to do with my life. I think I'm most likely going to go with plan B. I've been through fucking hell these past almost two years. Taking a year to work my ass off, save some money, maybe travel a little in Europe and figure out what i want, what makes me happy sounds really nice. As much as the idea of not going to college right away scares me it also sounds really nice. 

Its an idea that I actually never thought of until my Dad brought it up. Most kids take about a year off before the they go to college. And still have that one year I'll still be younger than most of the college freshman. Its idea that was just brought up so i'll have to think about it. You know most of the i'm negative and complain about my situation, but maybe it was worth it. Maybe taking a year to work and travel is what i should do. I have every intention on going to college. Its not just societal crap forced on me, i really and truely want to go. But who knows maybe taking some time will be good for me?

But what if I don't make any friends?What is everyone there completely hates me and i find absolutely nothing fun to do. I mean if I'm not in school how will i meet new people? Well I suppose if i get a job with people my own age that shouldn't be too much of a problem. As cool as I might act about moving, honestly i'm scared to death. Its exciting but really scary. I mean think about it, pretty much everyone i know is going to school relatively close, if they ever get into a really bad situation they can always call up their parents to send them money or even drive to see them. I for the most part will be completely alone. I'll have relatives but they live in the country and the ones in the city are in 2 hrs from Helsinki and on my mom's side. 

Well I just don't know. I might think back on this and be like "wow tiina you're dumb" or this could be what i end up doing. its something to think about. 

what does everyone think of my hair????
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